Version 74

» 08-17-2023 
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Why apply to modular update
The latest update file reaches around 200M because the update file always
includes both software and database, it will be bigger and bigger in
future. Besides, the software update will get approval of IOS or Google
Play to upload even we have a tiny revise about the database.
1. For emergency data revision but don’t need any changes about the software,
we can revise the database only and upload it to server. it will be much
quicker for emergency case.
2. The database update will be in the App, no need to be approved by IOS or
Google Play anymore, we don’t need to waste time to wait their approval.

Why we separate code database and basis database
After separating the software update, the database update includes a large
amount of code data (around 100M) and basis data (less than 10M). If
update together, customer needs to cost some time to download a new
update file, it is not friendly to user. In this way,
the basis database update will be very quick because of the small
update file. 


For code database update: 
We will give two code search ways (online and offline) for code database. The
previous code database are all saved in local and you can search
offline, while the update file of new codes will be saved in server and
you will need to search online, but the new codes can be searchable
offline in three months. Only in this way, can we keep update code
database every month. If customers complain code search online, actually
we can recommend Triton Plus App to them to search code.  

Lock Labs recommends keeping all Triton and Triton Plus units updated with the latest firmware to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and compatibility. Updates can be installed through an internet hotspot via the Triton’s integrated Wi-fi.

How to Upgrade Software


How To Update

Triton & Triton PLUS


Version: 74

Triton V74 APK

Triton PLUS V74 APK

Manual update process –

  1. Download APK for either Triton or Triton PLUS
  2. Copy APK file to a flash drive (at least 5 gig capacity)
  3. Plug flash drive into the back of the machine
  4. Open ESFile Explorer
  5. Navigate to the flash drive, and to locate the APK file
  6. Click on APK to begin install
  7. Follow on-screen prompts to complete install
  8. The machine may require a reboot

After the update is completed, you will need to
recalibrate the machine before using it.

Manual update on versions older than 60 (WiFi Edition) 

Manual update on versions older than 60 (USB Edition) 

We are here to help.